How Edvard Munch got to St Ives

Edvard Munch-The Scream

Edvard Munch-The Scream

On my way for an evening stroll around the Island, I popped into the opening night of two well known St Ives artists Seb West and Glyn Macey, which had also attracted an ITV Camera crew filming for ‘Caroline Quentin’s Cornwall’.  There is a lot of ‘modern’ paintings in Cornwall so you have to sort of let your eyes adjust to try and filter out the tat.  Neither of the works that belong to these two artists fall into that category of course! Each had impressive artworks which sat alongside the preliminary sketches and line drawings that inspired the pieces – also for sale and at affordable prices. One of the main draws was the giant linocut ‘St Ives Rooftops’ which took Mr West 4 years to complete. When you see the piece up close and personal, you can see why.  Amazing intricate detail and textures made me want to reach out and have a touch.  We didn’t stay long enough to get on TV, as I wanted to catch some open air Shakespeare at Porthgwidden Beach. But before we left, we met a friend of the artist who pointed out a small reference on the artwork to Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ – included after he had told Seb how much he liked it. See if you can spot it! (next to the third chimney from the bottom!)

St Ives Rooftops Lino by Seb West

St Ives Rooftops Lino by Seb West

Runs until Friday 24th August in the Crypt at the Mariners Gallery with a percentage of the profits going to the RNLI.


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