Vintage hair clip goes surfing

Surfing with dolphins

‘Sorry for lack of blog been on holiday’

A few people laughed when I said I was heading out of the city to do some writing and surfing. The thought of wearing someone else’s wetsuit was even more terrifying when I heard one of the instructors joke about the benefits of going commando – not funny.  The sun is absolutely glorious though and it’s hard to believe I’m in the UK.  Having watched the St Ives Surf School from afar all morning, like a teenager I finally succumb to (my own internal) peer pressure of wanting to be cool.

With friendly, suntoasted instructors with sea swept hair, and the beach boys playing in my head, it was difficult for me to concentrate on the safety instructions whilst gawking.

We hit the sea to catch our first waves and the giggling schoolgirl is soon knocked out of me as my wimpy arms can’t hold onto the board and I’m looking cool with a mouthful of sand.  I do not cry though and keep going as I want to look like Cameron Diaz in Hawaii!  Actually I just want to stand, and after some encouragement and lot of patience (from instructors Harris and Ben) – I do – Yippee!

Check out the St Ives Surf School blog for lessons and to see what they’re up to when not teaching –  I’m going to keep practising pop ups on the living room rug until I’m as good as them.

WARNING : If you wear a vintage hair clip surfing, the jewels will be replaced by sand

Vintage hair clip goes surfing

Vintage hair clip goes surfing – oh dear


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