Let’s Start a Dance Troupe

owl and pussycat

The Owl and the Pussycat went in Gold

So I was on my way to meet a photographer this afternoon and snuck into her local charity shop on the way. I’ve only ever been in there once before and managed to pick up a retro nautical dress and what can only be described as a Studio 54/ Dynasty style batwing, shoulderpadded, slashed to naval, gold lame dress that I wore to the Last Tuesday Society’s Animal New Years Eve ball and had to be sewn into and cut out of by a very close friend.  It was certainly a talking point piece.  And a one off… or so I thought!

As I walked into the shop, I ignored the books, brick-a-brack and plastic jewellery, and was drawn straight to the same clothes rack as before.  And there I saw it.  A gold lame batwing arm poking out among the highstreet labels… My dress! Again!

I thought maybe I’d thrown it out after tearing it thinking I would never wear it again and it’s returned to the same shop by chance? Maybe it belonged to twins? Or maybe a dance troupe?

Breathe easy everyone – they are both safely in my possession now.

Gold lame dresses

Let’s Start a Dance Troupe


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