Today’s Distraction – Prince Harry’s bottom

Kate Middleton's hen party?

Kate Middleton’s hen party? – My Alison Jackson inspired Pap shot!

Love reading stories about the British Royal family – especially when they have been naughty.

You know what I’m talking about – Prince Harry’s bare ass naked antics in Vegas- making the Queen choke on her cornflakes (allegedly) and sparking not very inventive but funny new names for him.

Harry Botter – ha

His Royal Anus – ha

He wasn’t totally naked anyway, he was still wearing a necklace and watch.

Clarence House has confirmed that it is actually him – a PR dream I’d say. Reminds me of back in the day when Prince Andrew was splashed all over the tabloids full frontal naked.

No pics of either here as I need to talk to a legal representative first but these are modern times so google it!  In the meantime check out Alison Jackson’s hilarious pictorials on the story.

Looks like a good night??  Pic by Alison Jackson


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