Can a Pork Pie replace Chocolate on a hotel pillow?

melton mowbray

Ye olde pork pie shoppe

The menu at Drink, Shop, Do at Kings Cross where I spent my morning has an Afternoon Tea for Men which involves Beer and Pork Pies. I like a good pork pie. So much so that when a friend suggested trading in a weekend break on a health farm for pork pie mecca Melton Mowbray, I silently said a prayer and got on the first train I could.

We bought four of them as soon as we got there. Two of them had extra jelly in. Yes that’s right EXTRA JELLY.

And that’s all I have to say on Pork pies.

We stayed at the award winning Horseshoe Cottage Farm as guests of Linda Jee who was born on the farm, and her husband, Tim. They have rather eclectic and cool tastes for the interior and exterior of the cottage which I think could only be improved by replacing the traditional hotel chocolate on the pillow with a giant Pork pie – what do you reckon?

Pork Pie on the Pillow

Pork Pie on the Pillow – Note: this is for fantasy illustration purposes only. Please do not be disappointed if you stay at Horseshoe Farm and do not get a giant pork pie on the pillow.

hippo table

Rather Hip – Never alone in the Drawing room

Antler egg cup

Antler egg cup – too small for a pork pie

Deer Spotting

Deer Spotting in Bradbury Park aids the digestion of Pork Pie eating


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