Lost in La Chanca

Bar and Tiles Spain

Lost in La Chanca bar

Step aside Macarena and Vogueing, there’s a new dance craze in town – La Chanca!!

I have been continuing the surf and write theme this week with rather fantastic company in Andalusia, Spain. It’s a common mistake to think that Andalusia is all Brit package holidays in Marbella but there was not a union jack beach towel in sight.

My lovely friends picked me up in Malaga, and drove me through Ronda, fed me giant churros for breakfast and plenty of ham all the way to Cadiz before we settled in Conil to catch some waves.

You can’t beat early morning dips in the sea, overeating at brunch, siestas and overeating at dinner, and at supper, with great company.

Mr T our host showed us where to get the best local produce for our giant BBQ and even gave me a mini photography lesson. Sadly mine were all a bit blurred as getting out of the hammock was just too much effort for me but he managed to capture a dayglo pink dragonfly by the porch light, a rippling ant creature with double claws and an illuminous green cricket – all in his backyard.  Hopefully he will be sharing his photos with the rest of the world very shortly on a new website.

And if that wasn’t pleasurable enough, I was all over the town as you can see in these photos. It was very welcoming and so was the dance craze created by one of my travel companions in honour of yours truly – La Chanca!

La Chanca works to absolutely any kind of music, can be done by anyone and is best done in synch with at least one other person. It involves some straight arm hand jiving, followed by a shoulder shuffle, hip swivelling and a lot of hairology!  Video evidence may surface shortly.

Guaranteed plenty of hearty laughter which can only be good for the soul. That’s my kind of dance!

Calle Chanca

The Streets of Chan Chan

burger chano

It’s spanish for Burger Chan

Taverna La Chanca

Bet the food is delicious in here


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