Essential Hand Luggage Items

Perfect Luggage

This suitcase represents all that I dreamed of when I was 16 on my first solo trip to LA.  It came with its own silver alphabet stickers so I could mark it as mine.  It was the start of my travel adventures and I felt so grown up and such an international jetsetter. My american cousins thought I went to school in a castle and I couldn’t wait to drink supersized coke and go to Disneyland. That’s how sophisticated I was.

It’s not always practical to lug this baby through Mexico or across the Himalayas but it sure has seen some interesting places in different continents and has been a dependable travel companion. Solid, reliable and protective.  At some point in the 90s, sure, there were many of these on the luggage reclaim conveyor belt. There are less these days and even fewer are identifiable by an ‘I love bats’ sticker from the fruitbat sanctuary in Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia.

It’s of a reasonable size too and was all I needed to transport a whole school term of clothes, or at least 20 outfit changes for a week in Ibiza, and on this trip to Oz helped to smuggle in a 3 month supply of Twiglets and Jaffa cakes for my homesick host.

Over a decade and few passports later, you would have thought one would have the hand luggage under control too. I made a schoolgirl error and forgot to take out my new iPad so was subjected to much tutting from those behind me as the contents of my bag were emptied out and held up for all to see. They may have looked random to the untrained eye and I don’t need to justify my own belongings… but I will!

You wouldn’t wear tan tights that don’t match your skin colour now would you? So why subject yourself to an odd pasty skin coloured standard plaster? Nope when I cut myself, I choose plasters that pop.
cupcake plasters

Cupcake plasters

This MoMa  New York purchase may look like a novelty purse in the shape of a peanut butter and jam sandwich but each bread slice is also a zipped pocket helping to separate currency and is just the right size for a mobile phone and passport – pow!

It really looks like bread doesn’t it?!

As for this – doesn’t everyone have a charity shop romance novel to read on a long haul flight?

50 Shades is sooo last season!



  1. I will fully admit that when I saw the thumbnails of the photos in this post, I clicked because I was intrigued as to why one would carry a slice of bread in their carry on! I’ve actually seen those kinds of pouches at Chapters/Indigo now, but a great idea! Great post.

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