Tender Napalm

Lucky me! I got to have breakfast this morning at the Stamford Plaza with the leading man from Tender Napalm after its opening night as part of the Brisbane festival.

The play was excellent of course – it was written by a Brit. Philip Ridley is a genius writer. I didn’t get to catch it second time round at the Southwark Playhouse (which used to be my old local) so when the opportunity arose for a 24hour trip to Brisbane came up – what can a girl say? Just like me, the play has come all the way from London complete with references to Wembley.

The secret world and language of two lovers however is universal and works even when it’s catapulted to a theatre across the other side of the world. A hearty breakfast was indeed needed for Mr Phelan after a full on physically and mentally charged performance. I was exhausted just watching the actors warm up as people were taking their seats. Stretching, squatting, press ups – prepping for a solid 85 minute sparring session with words, and in this production added contemporary dance.

I’m going to sound like a biased stage mum now but one of Kurt’s monologues which ended with him mimicking a dying creature’s exploding speared heart to it’s very last beat, got an early round of applause.

I’ll leave the review to the theatre critics but here’s some stills from the play.

Tender Napalm La boite theatre group

Images from La Boîte theatre company – Tender Napalm

I think this is the part where she’s talking about cutting his balls off. We’ve all been there.

Images from La Boîte theatre company - Tender Napalm

Images from La Boîte theatre company – Tender Napalm


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