Trash or Treasure?

frog ornaments

Hear no evil, see no evil, ribbit no evil

It was a bank holiday weekend for the Australians and meant a good old spring clean for everyone in this suburb.  I didn’t realise how big the Aussies were on recycling. As old doors, trees, and teapots are left on the street for council pick up, people are free to rummage through other people’s rubbish to see what they can find.  Scrap metal merchants scour the streets and like ants finding food, take everything right down to door hinges off and away within minutes.

I loved it. We went to a giant Trash or Treasure warehouse too. It’s an artists haven as factories and companies donate everything from fabric scraps to set pieces from hit theatre shows.

In between surfing, I don’t know how we managed to squeeze in two outdoor markets of crafts and vintage, and two antique furniture and jewellery warehouses. We found a rare ceramic frog kettle for $20 – the uglier the better I’m told and worth at least $150 according to ebay. I don’t think this one will be sold on, it already sits proudly among the collection of 5 others.

After scoffing my face with free cheese and crackers, and as many lamingtons I could shove in my mouth, among all the furniture, records and parrot lamps, a gold ring with three pink rubies caught my eye. As I slipped it onto my finger, it spoke to me. It’s previous owner was a sweetheart named Ethel May, she wore yellow twinsets and was very much loved – yes she wanted me to have this ring! At a discount price of course – and the gold band is substantial!

Here are just some of the things we took home and some we didn’t .
Australian collectors ceramic kettles

Collectors Ceramic Kettles – the uglier the better

vintage ruby and gold ring

These are not sausages – they are my fingers

Believe it or not we found one of these digging in the garden

Parrot lamp and gramaphone

Who’s a pretty lamp then?

Rare mannequin

Did we bring Eula home?

Er- no.


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