What to do when you have insomnia

Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language –  typography based exhibition at MoMA

Brainstorming is good for the soul and after being a lady of too much leisure, I’ve been back and working on the branding for a new start up and moulding some ideas into something real.

The process is so much fun, especially when you are bouncing ideas with people who are so excited and passionate about what they do and want to make an impact in the field that they’re working in.

I like to find inspirations from all over and sometimes the best ideas can come at random times

I couldn’t sleep the other night and rather than count sheep, I ending up looking up typography on the web. I came across all sorts – Typography for Lawyers,  ilovetypography.com  and a whole 5 week intensive Typeface Design Program in New York – ooooh… Anyway I somehow ended up looking at business card designs.

Unsurprisingly a lot of the ones that make the ‘best of’ lists are those of graphic designers. I guess you know when the business card is good when you want to keep it and show it to your mates. I’d certainly like to meet the guys who are handing out these cards:

Matt Mullenweg, founding delveloper at wordpress (also, the guy’s web address is just ma.tt – luurve)Matt Mullenweg’s business card
Steve Martin’s business card
More creative business cards for insomniacs that don’t count sheep can be found here

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