A Month of Moustaches and Writing

Mr Dali knew how to fully use his moustache accessory

With Movember and NaNoWriMo underway, looks like I’m back in the UK for one of my favourite months. Ok, so I can’t grow a ‘tache, but I sure can stick one on, draw one on (a la John Waters) and bake them! And I can’t resist a stroke or twisting the waxy end of a brigadier so I want to be hanging out wherever Movember-ers will be, which are in these places according to barchick.com.

November is also home to NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, a community that encourages and gives you a boot up the backside to get you through and writing till the end.  Day two and I have been going back to paragraphs and correcting myself which isn’t helpful at all. The whole idea is just to write write write! Get it all out and edit the month after. I’ve managed to clock 200 of my 50,000 words so far so I’d better get back to it…

John Waters

Feels naked without his drawn on moustache apparently!

Guiness World Record for world’s longest tache!


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