Takes Patience, Dedication and Very. Thick. Gloves.

Beekeeping for Jack Daniels… I think that might be my dream job.

Yes I’m talking about those iconic Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey tube ads. Is it just me that finds these hot?

A combination of two of my favourite things. Honey and Bourbon whiskey.

And admit it – that is one hell of a badaaass beekeepers outfit!

If you read my blog about how to save bees and you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any honey reviews yet, it’s because I’m working on a completely different site, solely dedicated to it – so watch this space… won’t be long!

If you’re a beekeeper, then do get in touch.



  1. Strangely though, quite thin dishwashing gloves are stingproof for my beekeeping 🙂 … But seriously, honeyed whiskey is so easy to DIY and for mine is so good with a chosen honey (an aromatic one, like some eucalypt honeys here) and a harder bourbon like Buffalo Trace.

    • Oh your blog is salivating! Mulberry honey cordial with gin? Sounds delish!

      Homemade honey hooch fortified with vodka to make a leg wobbling drink! – I love it! So that’s what you beekeepers get up to x

  2. Naw. A badass beekeeper’s outfit is one’s birthday suit. And no smoker!

    We are not that badass although one of us habitually works the bees barehanded.

  3. Lordy! That’s a nice garden. That’s going on ratemyhoney.wordpress.com. Loving it. Hahahaha

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