Forza Win-ter Fonduta and week three Movember

Ooh they’re all starting to get bushy now aren’t they? Where else better to spot the Mo’s on the third week of Movember than at East London rooftop pop-up supper club Forza Win-ter?  I think a total of 5 moustaches were spotted, all of which were so incredibly well groomed that in hindsight, might not have been Movembers but just normal year round facial attire.

Who cares?! There was facial hair! There were big round tables! And most importantly, there was plenty of scrumptious food and hot apple cider drinks to keep us warm. Pork products from The Ginger Pig and pudding from my new favourite Italian ice cream parlour Gelupo… we gorged and smothered ourselves in cheese. We were on a sharing table dominated by french people so between us, we must have devoured at least 3 buckets of Fonduta, and the FW guys just kept it coming.

Was it cold? London rooftop in winter so yes of course it was.

Was it worth it? Totally.

There was a roof, heaters and blankets too

An ear, a bar and fairy lights – yes I know these are the worse pics on this blog but I was too busy eating cheese.

So instead, here is a pic of cheese wearing a moustache and speaking italian taken from


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