Inspiration for Writing Characters






Stuck on fleshing out a character for your new writing venture?

My single girlfriend in New York has been amusing me with her antics on the Manhattan dating scene. Those single and ready to mingle are online these days and apparently all on one particular dating site. Of course I couldn’t resist jumping on to have a browse with the full intention of meddling and finding her a wealthy Upper East Side-er or tempting her across the bridge to hang out with a hip Brooklyn arty type. I have limited knowledge of online dating and was expecting to have to sift through a lot of men with GSOH, who like traveling and sports (it’s a drag but in the name of friendship, someone’s got to do it!). Well aren’t I small minded and silly?!

What struck me more than the images was their brilliant writing skills. The stand out profiles were the ones that were to the point, original or made me laugh out loud in just one or two lines.

They already had me wondering what it would be like to date them, or what it’s like to be them. Perfect start to fleshing out a character for the screenplay don’t you think?


“I used to make BDSM porn. I designed, wrote and directed some of the filthiest, most wrong porn you’ll ever see.  Now I’m a freelance web designer.”

“The first thing people notice about me is my vintage Louis Vuitton bag that I carry with me everywhere. The second is that I have Kung Fu eyes.”

“I’m really good at drinking games. Primarily those involving cups, balls, or flipping. Or flipping my balls into a cup.”

“The six things I could never do without? No1. Nail clippers.”

“I want to find my wife – run away to the mountains – make a home out of an abandoned barn and be a soul singer. I am freckled, impulsive, and hungry.”

“Message me if you’re cool with the fact that I’m in a relationship. You wouldn’t mind cuddling and watching Al Jazeera.”



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