Christmas pants and gravy wars!

Last Christmas I had just got back from the Himalayas armed with boring stories of getting to Basecamp Everest and Tibetan Christmas pants for everyone. If anyone knows how to keep warm, it’s the Tibetans.  They live over 3000 ft above sea level with an average annual temperature ranging from -12℃ to 9℃.  You’ve probably seen something similar all over the high street this year but trust me, they don’t have a secret fleece layer inside – oh yeah!  Apart from that tsunami Christmas in Thailand, I tend to always come back to spend it with the family in the shires.  Family is very important. Plus, where else are you going to get carols in a castle, gravy wars and the neighbours’ battle of Christmas lights? Love it very much! Hope your Christmas was as fun as mine! Xoxo

Tibetan Christmas Pants an

Tibetan Christmas Pants anyone?

Photograph of Tibetan lady

This Tibetan lady knows how to keep warm.

christmas lights on house

Fortnum and Mason Christmas tree

Fortnum and Mason – a tree dripping with jewels, giant coins and golden cutlery.

winter wonderland elves

Winter Wonderland – There’s room for a little one still on that reindeer!


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