Honey Honey Honey

Going to a networking event with a cold is not cool! As I was schmoozing away with a chap from New Zealand, we got talking about my new blog (coming soon people!) about honey. Why on earth was I still finishing off the Bee Happy Ironbark honey when I could have switched to the Manuka – duh!

‘Typically you will find anything kiwi is better than Australian. It’s just one of the rules of the universe.’  He said as he slipped me his business card. Controversial!  Those were his words not mine.

I prefer a milder honey in my porridge as I find the Manuka tee tree smell can be rather overwhelming and normally put it in my hot drink with ginger and honey when sick. As I couldn’t smell a thing anyway, I had it in both the very next morning.  Double dose.

Apparently it’s the only honey in the world that is tested for its antibacterial and phytochemical potencies. We happened to have a jar in our cupboard that was 15+ in strength which indicates its potency and that it’s active.

So – did it work? Well, with plenty of rest and half a pot of Manuka gone, I’m ready to move on to my German honey purchased from the Christmas markets at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

Australian Geographic tea tree photo

The Tee Tree Flower + Bee = Manuka Honey


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