Thanks for letting me write in your…

… flat, holiday home, car, on your website, arm, wall…

What an adventurous and fun 2012 I’ve had since I started freelancing and learning to surf in the Summer!

Massive massive thanks to all the people who have let me write for them, about them, or provided me a little pocket to write in. You know who you are!

My East Village NY pork pie eating pussycat…

owl and pussycat

My Spanish LaChanca dancing photographer geologist…

mtv photo

My St Ives getawayRoom with a View should be renamed Room with a Spankingly Great View!

Room with a View, St Ives

My West London crazy french cat lovers.

Jone Fonda and Cat Yoga

My fairy Godmothers down under and their wound licking dog, or the two happy Buddhas as they like to be known.

tilly dog

The goddesses at bible of booze, for offering to pick up some of my bar bills in exchange for a piece of my liver and promises to report back. Done deal! the best bar website in the world
I was too distracted to write in…  Ms CBs beautiful car, Hazul
*not my car

*not my car

M&Ws amazing home – beach facing for dolphin watching -obviously!
Terrigal house with view

A house with a view, surfer to the left, dolphins to the right

Spoilt. Spoilt. Spoilt…
And to everyone else that’s given me some love this year, I can’t live without you – see you in 2013!

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