Step away from the Infomercials!

human cannonball

That’s what I call launching yourself right in!

The only way to launch into 2013 is with a run up.  So why welcome in the new year with just a New Year’s Eve’s party when there are parties to go to on the eve of New Year’s Eve? That’s right, a New Year’s Eve Eve party. With a Psy lookalike guest in tow from Kuala Lumpar, I grabbed a few masks we had lying around the apartment and picked him up in a carriage…

First stop – golden painted nude beauties served up a feast, chameleons and snakes were passed around from guest to guest with popcorn and candyfloss a plenty. A quick refuel and we were on to New Years Eve with double denim outifts, a latex clad Superman, air guitar playing, a lot of hairspray and not leaving until we’d danced on stage as we had done the night before.  It’s rude not to show your visitors a good time…

That’s why it’s taken until day two of 2013 after a crisp walk on Hampstead Heath and a good old roast dinner before booting up the laptop to report for duty!

It’s a good excuse to turn off the television too, so you can resist all the ‘new year, new you’ brainwashing adverts. I’m tempted to join the most insane 6 week weightloss program ever, sign up for the most successful dating website for marriage, and buy a special skin care package with a 60 day money back guarantee! Noooooo!!

If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll already know who my dream man is anyway.  I don’t believe in punishment for overindulgence, so if you think you’ve had more than your share of mince pies – I highly recommend hitting the dance floor!

As for NY resolutions – quite frankly, I don’t make them. I have a moleskine and things constantly overspill from my brain onto the pages throughout the year. Once they are written down in my neatest handwriting, they soon get crossed off.

A few things you might be reading about…

  • beekeeping classes to attend
  • more barchick-ing
  • launching a new website
  • exploring shipwrecks in Cornwall
  • an expedition to Antartica
  • screenprinting in my new abode
  • writing that screenplay…

But the new year celebrations are not over yet. The year of the snake is lurking around the corner bringing some good fortune.

I’m ready for it – are you?


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