Sent to Coventry?

Just a week into the new year and this weekend has already sparked debate on the illegal trade of endangered animal parts, honey laundering and lesbian dating etiquette.

All in the name of research of course.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to say much more at this point. Which means that if it isn’t being written about on this blog, it’s being used elsewhere for now… I know, I’m being one big tease.

One thing I’m sure about is that my material is not ready for reality TV or rather, I don’t think reality TV is ready for my material!  I’m currently spending a few days in Coventry (yes that’s right, sent here for naughty behaviour), and I have been inundated with messages from friends asking if I’m auditioning for the new reality TV show.  NO! is the answer… although there is four days left to change my mind.

Collecting photographs for my dummy head and body parts project seems a little boring in comparison doesn’t it?  I managed to pick up a few more this weekend anyway. Promise to post some artwork soon.

Would you have your hair cut in this hairdressers?

Long back and sides please

Long back and sides please

Hairdresser heads

That’s where the hairspray is!


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