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Cool cover

Cool cover

I thought joining twitter might be good practice for helping to write Loglines for script submissions.  I’m still hoping I am disciplined enough to communicate concisely, when needed, without using an application that limits my characters.  I would probably be a bit of a cheater anyway tweeting a Part I, Part II, Part III etc…! I can’t compete with poet Melissa Broder who has already been listed by Fast Company as one of the Top 25 Tweeters to follow. Which one would you have on a slogan t-shirt (if you had to wear one)?!

‘god doesn’t give you more dick than you can handle’
‘be the worst wife you can be’
‘don’t try to blow anyone’s mind’
‘the pre-milf years are a second puberty’
‘if you stalk me and you’re male pls be under 25’
‘all blonde children are the same’
‘heard a man speaking in tongues and in the middle was ‘la la lo la cthh ctchh facebook’’

Whilst I’m lifting things from social media outlets that are not mine, I might as well share these trippy paintings and illustrations with you from New Zealand artist Henrietta Harris, that I first saw on someone else’s blog.  I particularly like this first illustration that she whipped up in just 3 minutes.  Love people that don’t waste a minute.

hhprince hhwallaceawards1 hhyourtomorrow1


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