How to get a real craft!

Put the knitting needles down! Stop making babies wear your stupid knitted creations (ok I’m talking about myself here), and no one wants your homemade candle gifts (Kirsty Allsop I’m talking to you here) – if you want to get crafty, get with the times.

Photograph your baby in a plant pot wearing home made bunny ears Anne Geddes style if you want, but they will look way cooler on the street/at nursery with customised baby converse monogrammed with crystals.  This week I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lady right here in London who knows what the people want and can bling up/ customise anything you can dream of.  And when I say anything…

Dre Beat headphones? Check.

Bling microphones? – hell yeah – I need one for my karaoke sessions.

bling mic

Crystal customised Nike’s? Sold Out!

nike blazer2 grey

 Check out the ones she did for Fatman Scoop – double bling!



Hoodies with your name on the back? – Well, if it’s good enough for Wiley…

Wiley crop

Now she’s taken heritage street brand Converse under her wing…

Customised converse

A pair for you…

baby converse customised

… and a pair for the baba

Pastel colours and cute stuff? Piss off Etsy! This is what I’m talking about!

Just need to decide what to have on mine – ‘Triple C’?,  ‘C.C.C’ or ‘The Lady Boss’?! Order yours here


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