8 Bit Brick Lane

water pipeLet me play Tetris until I can’t keep my eyelids open anymore and my dad has to snatch it off me and turn off the bedroom lights!  I’ll close my eyes and still dream of stacking those blocks up high and wait nervously for a long one to get four lines at a time. I’ll skip to school the next day with a total lack of sleep humming the repetitive tune that plays – it always speeds up with your heart rate as you get too near the top before game over.

Let all the kids on the estate into our kitchen/diner and play Bubble Bobble all day until we complete all 99 levels, meet the superboss, kill him, and unleash the secret code to another set of super levels and the opportunity to get more EXTRA LIVES! We do not need to eat or pause for a toilet break.  It’s our mission for the entire weekend.

Fast forward some years later – in our household, it remains our mission every Christmas.  From hearing the first few bars of the song, we know we’re not going to stop until our pixelated dinosaurs have rescued their girlfriends from being trapped in bubbles.

To the genius guys at Fold7 – Thank you for 8 Bit Lane! LOVED IT.

8 bit lane

Always one more level to get to

8 Bit Lane tetris wall

Tetris Wall – what dreams are made of!

8 Bit Dog

8 Bit Dog

8 Bit Tree

8 Bit Apple Tree

Pixelated Taxi

Taxi! Take me to Mario Land!

8 bit pigeon

There’s even an 8 Bit pixelated pigeon


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