Well, it feels not so bad.

Yuki Ioroi's 'Perspective'

Yuki Ioroi’s ‘Perspective’

I was totally up for widening my knowledge of Japanese artists beyond just Yayoi Kusama. At the private view last night of Japan Now!, we watched a live performance by curator Hitomi Kammai and artist Yuko Yama, before being left to admire and meet the seven young Japanese artists that were exhibiting.

Japan Now! aims to give an insight into the character of a new generation of Japanese. Dealing with radiation anxiety and feelings of sadness after the tsunami and earthquake of 2011, the exhibition shows that Japanese culture goes beyond the stereotypical subjects of Sushi, Geisha and Manga. Having said that, the private view was sponsored by sake company Masumi! A warm cup of sake is just what you need actually to warm the cockles when venturing out to deepest darkest Hackney in arctic temperatures (it’s in the A-side B-side gallery until 22nd Jan).

The Yuki Ioroi’s typography piece caught my eye of course but my favourite was Haruko Yamada. And I’m not just saying that because she is a friend of my Sister’s from when they attended a course at St Martin’s together. One of her pieces sold at the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts last year – so I’m not the only fan! Have a look and make up your own mind anyway. If Hackney is too adventurous for you, she’ll also be at London Art Fair at February.

Japanese artist Haruko Yamada - artist with her work

Haruko Yamada – artist with her work

'Well, it feels not so bad' Haruko Yamada

‘Well, it feels not so bad’ Haruko Yamada

Live Art - Japan Now!

Live Art – Japan Now!


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