Pssstt!! This note is for you x

It’s going to happen!

What’s more annoying?  Girls that go on about their crafts (knitting) or girls that go on about how much they love stationery? Because…I luuuurve stationery.

I have notepads everywhere, and boxes of beautiful letter paper with matching envelopes and labels. I’ve been waiting for the right pen friend to come along so I can start using it.  In fact, any pen friend.  I’m just waiting for someone to agree to exchanging snail  mail with me. I pictured myself and my pen friend like Harper Lee and Truman Capote, exchanging letters which would be found in boxes later, and then eventually pieced together in a book to re-tell our intertwining lives. Three years later- no takers, and a lot of unused notepaper. So imagine my delight when I came across a photo tweeted from my friends at Yumchaa teas of a pile of handwritten love letters they had found in one of their tea shops.

Letter jealousy and nosiness led me down the social media chain stalking path and two clicks later to Hannah Brencher’s TED talk  on leaving random love letters for strangers.

It is very American but seriously what is wrong with that?  I grabbed one box of letter paper that had been sitting in a drawer, and decided it was going to see the light of day. I was going to spread my own love. I was going on a journey (a train journey) with this box and was not coming back until the box was empty. Train drivers, strangers, dogs beware – the world needs more loveletters – and I’ve just reported for duty! Love’s coming baby!!!

And I might not even limit it to strangers.  Get ready for some sneaky drops and borrowed motivational messages that I’ve stolen from everyone from New York street artists to my Dad…
Street artist Honshar

From NY streets to a loveletter in your pocket

Leaving loveletters on trains

First ever loveletter drop on train

Leaving loveletters

Sneaking one on a bookshelf



  1. love it!!!! what a great way to spread love and positive….all smiles…thanks for bringing a smile to my face 😉

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