Year of the Black Water Snake

lucky money envelopes

Lucky Money – with personalised surname

One of the perks of having a big family on Chinese New Year is the lucky money! Last week when I was compiling new year traditions and superstitions for, I ended up randomly watching clips from Wayne’s World.  Wayne and Rob Lowe’s character talking Cantonese to impress Cassandra are just brilliant. They would both certainly win me over.

One of the best supporting roles comes in the shape of Lara Flynn Boyle and her simply refusing to accept being dumped (come on, we’ve all been there right?).  I can’t think of a better way, with Valentine’s just a few days away, to win back your man by buying him a gun rack. Who cares if he doesn’t have any guns and has a new girlfriend? – You go sisters!

Talking of unrequited luuurve, my first batch of love letters have been scattered as wide as 30 letters will go. I even managed to slip one in through a locked car door – I’m taking this mission very seriously! With V-day coming up, I’m definitely ramping up the action… there’s plenty of ink left in the pen.

If you’ve read your Chinese horoscope for the year, you might need it too. Most of them read like they come from a Chinese aunt or tiger mum. They always start with something positive and end with a little biting truth – like ‘you can be spiteful’, ‘don’t be so boastful’, or ‘careful, you can’t afford legal fees’!  Talk about telling it like it is!

As for me, the sexy, sleek, aloof snake, who seeks fame (I think that means attention seeking) and is often scary to approach needs to be more approachable this year. Well let’s start with giving out a bit more love eh? New set of stationery – check, pen poised – check, now where can one buy a gun rack…?


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