pollen-chartNo, this isn’t the colour scheme for The Borrower’s Mansion (my soon to be new abode) although it is sparking inspiration. It’s a honey bee pollen chart so beekeepers can see what kind of plants the bees have been visiting based on the colour of pollen they are carrying. It’s pretty fascinating.

I’m looking forward so much to my second meeting with the North London Beekeepers in Highgate on Monday.

I was gripped from the moment introductions started. A short sentence or two to say why people were there. Well one lady had just moved to the area (lucky lady) and wanted to keep bees in her new garden, whilst a young girl was interested because her grandfather had kept bees and thought it would be nice to keep up the family tradition. Another lucky person had a big garden with an empty hive, while the person before her had been given a hive! A gentleman from eastern Europe had kept bees in his own country but now wanted to learn officially – it really was fascinating and I can’t wait to get to know these diverse people with a shared common goal more as the course progresses.

Well readers of my previous blog already know about my promotion of the plight of bees.  When it was my turn, I declared that I loved honey but didn’t have a garden so was hoping to meet a beekeeper! Both were met with warm amusement and cheer, with the promise that there would be lots of help needed week 6 onwards and over the summer in the North London hives. Yippeee!

Lesson one – I think I should be able to  spot a queen bee now…

How to spot a queen bee


How to spot a Queen Bee

Yes of course…

Beyonce Queen Bee


I can’t wait to launch my ratemyhoney site of honey reviews, hot beekeepers and news so I’ve already started blogging on a different site until the new site’s finished.  See you there x



  1. These queens aren’t just marked, they’re numbered. That makes spotting one and figuring out who swarmed a lot easier than my method of psychic divination.

    Your class sounds really great – I love hobbies that bring together a diverse group. It’s so easy in life to surround yourself with people who live and think like you do. Your beekeeper club is going to remind you the world is full of interesting variety. Enjoy.

  2. I’m not joking Laura! I can send the Ratemyhoney Sydney office ( aka over to get it! Pleeeease?!! X

    • Well, I sell honey so anyone who wants to can buy some. For a special blog friend I might even be able to find it in my heart (and my bee’s hearts) to offer a small jar as a gift. If you have someone who wants to collect it, they can contact me via email at laura.rittenhouse (at) Looking at the nutbags… blog it looks like she is in Arncliffe which is maybe a 40 minute drive from me (I live in Chatswood) but maybe she comes to this side of the harbour now and then? How would she get the honey to you?

      So the offer stands, I’ve got a pot of honey waiting for you.

      • Yippee!! Would be happy to purchase a pot. Will need info on where you sell and how much too for the new site but will email you direct in regards to that! In the meantime Sandwiches from Nutbagandsandwiches will be in touch!! Awesome!! x

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