Shoe Lovin’

Let’s not blog about women today just because it’s International Women’s Day. Let’s write about how cool women are all the time, or whenever we want.

Advanced warning – this post involves shopping, shoes and a hot man, so if that’s just too much ‘girl’ stuff for you, you can click away now – maybe you can tell me what car that is on my About me page.

I took a trip down to Selfridges last night for the Shoe Carnival. Trust me, I don’t need an excuse to hang out in the women’s shoe lounge – it’s better therapy than going to a spa. My purpose was to check out the fourth floor children’s shoe collection. Calm down mother, I’m not pregnant! I wanted to check out some of their new stock by CM Couture! A range exclusively developed for Selfridges by my lady of bling at Crystal Mess. I had the pleasure of getting to know owner Rachel a little earlier in the year when we did a short interview and was so impressed by her. Having left school at 16, she started customising Nike’s back in 2009 for her own child when she saw some inspiration on the internet. She’s run Crystal Mess full time for just two years and has already blinged Nike trainers for Fatman Scoop, Wiley and lots of people I’ve never heard of as I am not very cool. But thanks to Rachel, I do now know what a Pimp Cup is! haha

As part of the Kids Shoe Carnival, you’ll be able to customise your own Converse with CM Couture on 23 March, 6 and 20 April. Not bad going at all eh!


CM Couture in Selfridges

CM Couture in Selfridges – yeah!



Needs no caption…

Even Christian's blinging it!

Even Christian’s blinging it!

Peter Pilotto

Love Peter Pilotto

In the Window

I heart the window display

I heart the window display

Hammer boots

Oh I did say hot man…

Mr Selfridge?

Love Mr Selfridge

Happy Friday!


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