Welcome to London Baby!

It often takes an outsider to come into your world to help you see things differently. It never hurts to take a break from routine – even just looking up once in a while from your book, your commute, your thoughts.

Londoners - so welcoming!

Londoners – so welcoming!

This week I’ve downed sticks to be a tour guide to my little cousin from LA. Last time I saw her she was a wee chicklet and now she’s a glam young lady with a few requests… Seeing snow for the first time? – check, London Eye? – easy, Harry Potter filming sites? – how about platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station, Diagon Alley (AKA Borough Market and Leadenhall Market), taking in the Millennium Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and Piccadilly Circus too. As I’m not a Harry Potter fan, I’d like to thank google and those Harry Potter film geeks online for that one.

Once we got those little things out of the way and her ears had adjusted to my potty mouth (sooo did not realise how much I overused the words ‘bollocks’, ‘piss’ and ‘sh*t’ – or is that just all Brits?), I wrapped her up in my ski clothes, gave her a pint of English cider to drink and off we went to get some alternate London holiday snaps…

We traded photos outside Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London for some photos outside pubs called Dirty Dicks and The Famous Cock. Come on – that’s funny! Then we hopped on some bicycles.  Almost being squished between a double decker bus and a black cab while riding over London Bridge makes a great holiday anecdote right?

I’ve long given up trying to be cool, so we ventured East instead of West and I let some London street artists do the talking… London is f*cking cool.

Stik Broadway Market


Brick Lane

Brick Lane

Hipster Wall

Hipster Wall

Stik near Netil House

Stik II

Rob Ryan Columbia Rd

Rob Ryan – thank you, there is hope for me…! ha

Columbia Rd

Columbia Rd door knocker

London Street Artists

Tiny Men, Big Arrow, Corbett Place

Brick Lane

Spot the Boobs! – Brick Lane

Tatty Devine, Brick Lane

Tatty Devine, Brick Lane – devine jewellery

London Street Art

Gawd bless ‘er

haha London Street Art

Easter Bunnies Borough Market

Easter Bunnies Borough Market




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