Beekeeping and the Obamas

Forget being a fly on the wall, I reckon you could do worse than being a bee living in the gardens of The White House.  As well as getting the political gossip first hand, you would also get exclusive access to Michelle Obama’s alottment.  This is the first time in history The White House has seen a black president, and it’s also the first time The White House has ever had a beehive! Go bees!

Thanks to Romancing the Bee for sharing a beautiful beehive a day which is where I got this from.



  1. 2 brood boxes and 4 half-supers, that’s a very good hive. I’ve no idea why it’s on such a high platform though, the poor beekeeper has to stand on a plank across saw horses and he still can’t see in the top.

    Very cool initiative – thanks for sharing this.

    • Hey Laura. Do you think it’s because they have dogs or lots of children who visit?

      • I was wondering the same thing but it seems more of a hazard that high – what if a kid or dog crashes into the stand and the whole thing topples over? A more effective protection against bumbling visitors would be to put a small wire fence around the hive.

        My other thought was it might be they want the bees to stay high to limit accidental stinging or scaring of visitors. I know with my hives, if I walk in the bee flight path I often am crashed into by bees. They don’t/can’t slow down to avoid a moving object and – whamo – they collide with my head. I keep my head down and eyes forward when crossing their path because I don’t want one in my eye. Otherwise they bounce off and continue on their way. This is why it is often suggested to put a shrub in front of hives to make the bees fly up but my bees are kind of surrounded by trees so they go left and zoom past the front of my chicken run.

  2. Yikes! haha. Yes I was told in class that they tend to just fly straight up and away. I’m doing my first visit to the apiary next week and can’t wait! I think I might wear goggles now – can’t have one in the eye now!

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