Things flying in my face

Tucked away in a corner in Hampstead Heath is a small walled area with a green door within Kenwood Nurseries which is home to possibly one of the best club houses I’ve ever been to. After the snow we’ve been having, it was a lovely sunny day and complete pleasure to be invited to North London Beekeepers annual Shed party!  I continue to be fascinated by the art of beekeeping, the behaviour of bees, and the behaviour and stories of beekeepers. There is always a lovely atmosphere of calm in class that was also present at the party, so I really had to hold in my excitement.  Standing in the bee’s flight path and jumping up and down would not be a good idea so I didn’t do that (no I didn’t!). Instead I stood side by side with young veteran Mary who helped me identify what plants the bees were collecting pollen from based on the little discs of yellow pollen from their hind legs (pollen baskets), and matching it with her pollen chart – we thought the Pussy Willow. The North London Beekeepers have been keeping bees and making honey since the 1930s. Over some home cooked party food and hot elderflower cordial, I disclosed to a new fellow beekeeper how last year I had bought a book called Meditation and the Art of Beekeeping, had skipped all the meditation and was fascinated by the beekeeping part.  She suggested I went back and read the meditation parts too as I’ll be needing it for beekeeping.  She is of course right.  As I looked around, I was the only one with a few bees flying at my head – they really do sense everything. Wearing a strong smelling deodorant didn’t help either.

So next visit – odorless, hair tied back and state of calm.  The latter will be difficult as I’m already so excited at the thought!

Well I didn't promise that the pics were going to be exciting to anyone else except to me!

Well I didn’t promise that the pics were going to be exciting to anyone else except to me!

Maybe you’ll find more excitement looking at hot beekeepers here?!



  1. 🙂 It is very funny to go to group beekeeping events and see some women ducking and weaving. You can always spot the people who wear scents. I have heard that bees hate fragrance but I can’t help but wonder if they love it and think maybe you’re a great big flower. Of course if you duck and weave and, heaven forbid, flap your arms to chase them away, your chance of being stung increases about a million-fold. Yes, oooooommmmmmm works best around bees.

    Glad you had such a fantastic day. It’s good the little ladies were out flying when you visited. Something I hear isn’t guaranteed in the UK this time of year.

    • I didn’t spray myself with any perfume as such but it made me realise how much of the stuff I use has so much scent in – deodorant, shampoo, clothes wash, body cream etc. And yes was very amazing to see the ladies up close and working hard. The pollen discs were so obvious and.. neat! The weather has been so extreme – freezing and snow with the odd random day of sunshine that I suppose they’ve got to collect when they can. Make hay whilst the sun shines as they say… or make honey in this case…!!

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