Lust. Want. Uniqlo?

As a LUST-er of Peter Pillotto and print stuff, I nearly jumped off a bus I was on when it went past Uniqlo’s store on Regent Street. Yes I know. BUT it’s not those multicoloured down jackets in different colours that I’m lusting after. I’m sure that they are very high tech and practical but NO! Not for me thanks. Gone were said jackets and in place were windows of eye pleasing prints that looked very familiar indeed, making something in the pit of my belly flip and my legs turn to jelly.

On entering the store (to get a birthday present for someone else of course – selfless me…), I was hit with not one but two amazing successful British Women designers who have collaborated with Uniqlo.

And NO, NO, NO, I don’t need any clothes or to spend money at this moment in time, what with the Borrower’s Mansion possibly about to complete in the next few weeks. BUT, BUT, BUT sometimes WANT is sooo persuasive and LUST wins over…

Call this clever marketing, super styling, or hypnotherapy through print, but it got me sucked in hook, line and sinker. I NEED pyjama pants that I can wear in public, I NEED matching cullotes and scarves (I actually don’t have this in my wardrobe – can you believe it), and I definitely NEED a cute t-shirt with iconic status for my first portrait in my new home – right?

Did I say how affordable it was too? Oh soooooo affordable.

Is it too early to ask for my Christmas presents now?

Celia Birtwell and LuLu Guinness.  J’ adore!

Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo

Celia Birtwell – She’s a legend










Cullottes - so practical too

Cullottes – so practical too














Now you see me..

Now you see me…









Now you dont...

Now you dont…
































Well done Uniqlo!




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