Don’t worry, Bee Happy

I’ve never been happier to smell like a smokey BBQ. The sun is finally out in London and I’ve been at the apiary again with my bee buddies for my first practical lesson which means I got to put on a bee suit for the first time. No-one walked in slow motion pretending like they were on the moon… so I didn’t either (no I didn’t!).

We learnt how to operate a smoker to smoke the bees. Now I had seen this done before and thought it was some kind of chemical to make them docile.  As it turns out just a few puffs of smoke tricks the bees into thinking that there might be a woodland fire so they prepare themselves by filling their bellies with food. So whilst they’re distracted with eating… we get to have a look inside the hive.

I am so in love with the kindness of the teachers. They have been doing this for years and are so keen to pass on this wealth of knowledge to others. I think they are very humble and no matter how long they’ve been beekeeping, they are always open to learning more, exchanging tips and listening to others. Each beekeeper has their own preferences and I always feel privileged to be a part of the group, eager to soak it all in.

It never fails to leaves me in a zen like state afterwards.

In other news this weekend, I’m finally starting to prepare to move into my new abode in the next few weeks so am starting to spring clean the room I’ve been renting. We humans sure do gather a lot of ‘stuff’.

I found this card from my good friend in oz which did make me reflect…

I mean ... define Nanna craft!

I mean … define Nanna craft!

I mean - how many Nanna's surf eh? eh?

I mean – how many Nanna’s surf eh? eh?

In addition to beekeeping class, I’ve been distributing my homemade pies and cupcakes, having cucumber sandwich picnics, making baby bunting and going for a nice parkland walk where I tutted a bit at the bad graffiti. Yes, you could class a few of these as being Nanna type activities if you must pigeon hole.The main thing is – I feel great!  So Nanna’s clearly know a thing or two.

Tomorrow I’m back in the modern world restructuring a website for a Company… but till then, I’m putting the kettle on and knitting a bobble hat.

Seems like I’m also a collector of paper with pretty things on…

That's how to invite someone to a festival - artwork by

That’s how to invite someone to a festival – artwork by

Eliza Southwood combines love of cycling and coffee

Very happy when this just appeared one day in my postbox.

Very happy when this just appeared one day in my postbox.



  1. Sounds like you have great teachers. I have to admit that every beekeeper I’ve met is patient and happy to share their knowledge. I don’t know if beekeeping attracts nice people, if bees turn bad people nice or if the not-nice beekeepers have their own secret club. Whatever it is, I’m grateful for the generosity of spirit around the hives.

    • Me too! I’m grateful for your comments too Laura and encouragement! I’m still a bit nervous that I’m going to be the one sneezing loudly when I’m examining a frame or the one that accidentally squishes a Queen.

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