Calmness and letting it hang out.

Well, well, well. The Borrower’s Mansion (my new flat) is soon open for business! Spring is here, the sun is out and I couldn’t be more relaxed these last two days. I’m feeling a sense of calm and things are finally falling into place. I can’t say it hasn’t been a bit of a ball ache at times but hey, if you want things done and it’s hard, it’s got to be worth pursuing and pushing through right? I find there is only ever one way to find out and that is to karate kick through it and see where you land.

I had a lovely walk around the new neighbourhood. My new abode may not be very large but it does overlook one of London’s parks and I feel so lucky to have it as my back yard. BBQ’s, yummy mummys, runners were all out and making the most of the sun.

A day where free popcorn and candyfloss is handed out is a winner too, I couldn’t believe my luck. With a wink from the man at the hole in the wall serving delicious turkish chicken wraps, and skipping through the park smiling (rather than scowling) at a few wolf whistles, I was thinking how moods just lift with a bit of vitamin D and how my good spirits must be infectious – as it turns out, one side of my dress had caught on my shoulder bag and I had been flashing a little more than needed.

Well that’s one way to meet the neighbours.

In addition to flashing, the park is also used for…




And a place for practising drums…

In London they say you’re never far from rat… or graffiti

Karma has no deadline - be afraid!

Karma has no deadline – be afraid!

And here is a neighbour giving my hoarding a run for its money!

Who needs a gnome?

Who needs a gnome?


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