Finding Gocco & Gold

In an attempt at adventure, I headed in the opposite direction of the crowds in London for a free screenprinting session with Gocco as part of an Open Studios and Art Trail in Southgate and Palmers Green (No, I’d never heard of those places either).

A few months ago, a dear friend sent a message asking if I’d heard about Gocco. The message implied that I should know who Gocco was. I racked my brain. Did we go to school with Gocco? Perhaps Gocco was sick? In danger?

I found a whole site dedicated to saving Gocco.

Gocco is not a person but a cute and compact Japanese screenprinting set with an in-built exposure unit and system that allows you to use multiple colours at once in just a flash of a bulb or two. Genius.

Did I immediately want one? You betcha! Exactly the kind of thing I ‘collect’ but with the downsizing into the Borrowers Mansion, I was put off by what looked like its rarity and inability to maybe find parts needed for it. A bit like polaroid film?

I took receiving an email for a free Gocco screenprinting class as a sign anyhow. Always up for second chances and this was a great opportunity to see a real one at work.

Traffic and limited bus routes turned what looked like a few centimetres on google maps into a very long bus journey… followed by a walk through an unfamiliar park which led into an allotment section… in the middle of nowhere (slight exaggeration).

Unfortunately a Gocco machine was not present but there were plenty of people using pre-gocco’d (made that word up) screens to make flags and bunting of sorts.


Workshop run by Xtina Lamb

Workshop run by Xtina Lamb

But it was the large warning signs everywhere that caught my attention.

In brackets underneath I would have liked to have added 'Only if they feel threatened!'

In brackets underneath I would have liked to have added ‘Only if they feel threatened!’

This was an area with HIVES! Spotted. I wandered over and watched the ladies at work. All three hives faced out into the allotment area and I wondered if everyone was in their direct flight path, annoying them, which is why there was a need for all these danger signs. There’s not that kind of alarmed messaging at the North London Beekeepers. It is all very zen.

Whilst purchasing two pieces of lemon drizzle (homebaking is expected at these English crafty event thingys), I spied a little pot of honey – yummy.

Beekeeper Zahir Anwar was pleased to pass the honey on to me. He had been taking advice from a 90 year old beekeeper whose wealth of experience clearly helped his bees to produce a lot of honey last year when everyone else reported a pretty slow honey year due to the bad weather.

I’m loving how being a beekeeping beginner can open up a connection to so many diverse people. Instant interest and fascination.

With my lemon cake and honey pot discovery, I felt like I had struck gold.

Treasure at the end of the trail!

The hives

The hives

The wild flora

The wild flora

The company!

The company!

The gold!

The gold!


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