When a Wolf Fell in Love With a Sheep

Receiving a picture message at 3am in the morning can only mean one thing. The sender is drunk for sure and is thinking of you-hoo-hoo!!

Rather excited if a little scared to finally be one of those girls that receives such things! I was thinking, well you know, – it’s probably a picture of something a bit sauce right? Oo-er! And it was from a gentleman I hold in quite high regard too – EVEN BETTER!

I needn’t had worried/ got so excited. It was a picture of a big p..oster.

Big Poster

Big Poster – Woo hoo!

Perhaps it’s because they want to go to the cinema with me having read about my cinema date moves? It can’t be because I’m from the Far East and am writing a screenplay! That would be a bit racist right?! Pfff!

Well I’ve always wanted to go to the Prince Charles Cinema, so on looking it up decided I might as well take part. I scrolled down the list of films and decided to choose a film like how some people choose horses at the Grand National – by pure hunch and stand out names.

So it was a toss up between ‘When a Wolf Fell in Love With a Sheep’, ‘A Werewolf Boy’ and ‘Karaoke Girl’.

No idea why I didn’t seek this out earlier myself as I enjoyed the whole experience of the big leather seats, seeing what other culture vultures I was sat amongst, the passionate introduction given by the organiser of the festival, and the film itself.

It’s definitely in my diary for next year.



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