Bespoke Bench Cushions & Planking

In other non-bee news… I’ve been a busy bee (can’t help myself) preparing The Borrowers Mansion for official hosting.

A wealth of friends have been to visit my 50sq m and plenty of tea for two has been served. Plans are being put into place so that a gathering for more than two at a time can take place.

The apartment has a lovely warm and relaxing vibe and people feel instantly at home. I know this because every time I go into the kitchen to put the kettle on, I come back to find friends sitting crossed legged on the sofa, friends sleeping on the sofa with a blanket from one of my travels, friends rolling around on the floor and even a friend planking! You get the idea.

So I really want to keep an open moving space with pieces that look good, are affordable and that have a multi-purpose. Space is at a premium after all!

I thought I’d need to trawl Ebay and Gumtree but this Ikea Expedit storage shelf fit perfectly under the window for a seating/storage area thingy. Perfect excuse to finally put my Florence Broadhurst print fabric from last year’s Sydney Signature Print studio visit into real life usage. I ordered the foam cushions online at (other foam companies are available!) and they came within a flash, cut to my exact requested dimensions. I opted for separate cushions rather a long one so they could be used as floor cushions too.

I also received a brand new sewing machine as a very generous housewarming gift. With only one sewing lesson under my belt, I was looking for the easiest tutorials to cover a bench cushion like the ones on Prettyhandygirl and Pocketofpresh.

Neither were quite right for me as my fabric was quite thick, I only had enough fabric to cover the top, front and bookend sides, and adding piping is advanced for me!  So I just went for it. I used black cotton for the bits you can’t see and velcro rather than fuss with a zip.

Creating something bespoke.  Just call me Martha Stewart.

using Ikea Expedit shelf as window bench

Ikea Expedit

foam cushions for window bench

Prefect foam cushion fit I’d say

Florence Broadhurst fabric

Not so perfect fit – or ‘Why don’t you just buy enough fabric?’ as my Dad said

Florence Broadhurst bench cushion

ta- da!

Florence Broadhurst Floor Cushions

Tea for two?

Floor cushions Florence Broadhurst

Tea for plenty. Come on over!


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