Moroccan Poufs

This is not a reference to homosexuals from North Africa as a friend first thought when I offered her one!

As a fellow Florence Broadhurst fan, she’d bought me a cut of her favourite pattern and I thought whilst I was on a roll (haven’t put the sewing machine away yet), I would make her some cushions or a Moroccan pouf as a gift.

They’re also called ottomans or a footstool.

Moroccan grey pouf

A pouf from Morocco

I got the basic pattern from a thrifty lady online who made one out of a dress! I like it!

Also love her simple pattern.

As you can see I have missed out the top and bottom hexagon that she used and opted for a zip on the side and to sew all the way up the top and bottom.

I filled it with those bean bag polystyrene balls. It will sit in my window until she comes to collect it.

Hope she likes it!

Florence Broadhurst pattern pieces

cut the pieces

moroccan zippy

I can do a zip!

Moroccan Pouf

Ta-da! It’s a small bean bag actually.


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