You Say Recycling, They Say Upcycling

I say, how about let’s cut the legs off a pair of Levi’s 501s to make high waisted denim shorts in time for the festival season?

how to recycle jeans

no sewing required, just snip the legs off

And don’t throw the legs away… recycle them too…

How to recycle jeans


How to recycle jeans

legs opened

… into a denim dress for a baby.

How to recycle a pair of jeans into a baby dress

a dress for a baby – ta da!

Thrifty, double upcycling of 90s denim, I say.

To think my mum was going to take these down to the charity store. I mean, what is wrong with her? It’s only fair that I keep everything I’ve ever owned, crammed into an attic of a property that she owns, in case I get inspiration like this right?!

I should really get on with some real work… the sewing machine is being put away before I cut the arms off all my shirts and re-sew them on mismatch. Oh wait someone already got that idea? Dammit!

that was sooo my idea!

that was sooo my idea!



  1. Love the recycling of the jeans – but I’m not convinced about the shirts. Then again it ooks like a summer/winter conversion and with winter well and truly freezing me to death, maybe I could do with some extra arms on my shirts!

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