Oh, you crawled out of the sea, and straight into my arms

For a small flat, I have a very big bathroom. I think three people could sleep in it comfortably (one in the bath, one in a hammock above the bath, and one on the floor).  It has black and white tiles and quite a clinical feel which I like. I was thinking of softening it but as it isn’t really suitable for a typical cutesy nautical theme – you know – blue and white stripes type thing, I was thinking of a darker under the water theme but this could turn out as practical as my black towels (black fluff sticking to your body!).

There is a large area after the bath which is now covered in bottles of strongly perfumed potions that I use less of now that I’m beekeeping. I’m thinking of finding a way to get rid of this so the area can house a giant plant. It will have to be one that doesn’t need much light as the bathroom is windowless.  I’d like the plant to be big and very green.

Feed me Seymour!

Feed me Seymour!

And some kind of waterproof frame encasing these lyrics by Laura Marling that I love.  Every time I see a poster of her on the tube (which is a lot at the moment as she’s just done a Secret Cinema Secret music event), these are the lyrics that I’m singing in my head all day. I think having this as a poster in my bathroom would be apt.  I imagine a Merman crawling out through the plug hole like magic covered in algae.

‘Oh, you crawled out of the plughole, and straight into my arms, straight into my arms’ has quite a ring to it?

Now you try listening to it and try not to sing ‘plughole’ instead of ‘sea’. Impossible.

If those were the lyrics, then this animation may be very different indeed.

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