Britain’s Young Entrepreneurs

Branson started from selling records from his bedroom, Zuckerberg started coding from his college dorm and these two young things started off making perfume as a school project to raise money for Macmillan. They enjoyed it so much that they’ve decided to continue.

Britain's young entrepreneurs

Founders of The Garden and Me perfume!

I watched them set up their roadside stall (carried out a ready laid out table), and within minutes of spotting me walking on the opposite side of the street, crossed over and asked me so wonderfully politely if I would like to sample their homemade perfume, that I just couldn’t refuse.

That’s the charm of an excellent saleswoman.

I grilled them on production and ingredients (water infused with flora and plants from their back garden), previous sales figures (sold 9 bottles within an hour the previous day) and commitment to Macmillan (50% of profits goes towards the cancer charity with the rest spent on the purchase of bottles).

Altruistic, entrepreneurial and mountains of charm.

Elie and Lucie can be found selling their goods on Finsbury Park Rd under the watchful eye of their mum! I’m sure it won’t be long before they expand their label – already named ‘The Garden & Me’.

Can’t wait – remember where you heard about them first!

The Garden and Me

The Garden and Me perfume


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