Ello Sailor!

The Clipper Round the World Boat Race kicks off from St Katherine’s Dock in London today and I got to have a snoop around Clipper Qingdao, earlier in the week where one of my besties Mel will be on board for the first three legs of the race.

Whilst Mel is worried about storms and tropical cyclones, I was concerned about clean water, food, scurvy and sleeping arrangements and thought I would sneak on board and hide a few bars of chocolate, oranges, a hip flask and vitamins around the boat and help her bagsy the best bunk.

Doesn’t work like that apparently.

There wasn’t enough beds for all the crew but it’s all about bed hopping… (not of that kind!), as the yacht needs to be manned 24/7 and the crew will be doing shifts.

I met a few of her fellow crew who will be sailing on Qingdao with her, including the lovely Vicky Song who will make it into the Guinness book of records as the first Chinese female to sail around the world once the race is over! Pretty impressive! Go girls!!!!

I’ll be keeping track via the website and on their FB page. Frist stop Brazil!

As a Chinese boat, I’d say they have a pretty good chance of winning!

Clipper yachts at St Katherine's Dock

Clipper yachts at St Katherine’s Dock

Clipper round the world race

The winning boat?


Mel (left) with some fellow Chinese Qingdao Crew. Vicky (centre).

That's a Donkey Dong apparently!

That’s a Donkey Dong apparently!

PB - food of survivors!

PB – food of survivors!

Scurvy prevention.

Scurvy prevention.

life jackets clipper yacht

There’s enough life jackets at least!

Vicky decorates boat!

Vicky decorates boat!

Plotting the route - left, then right to get out of London

Plotting the route – left, then right to get out of London






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