Best in Show

I cannot believe that my honey won Best in Show at the North London Beekeepers Honey Show and Pot Luck Supper earlier this week. I’d like to thank my teachers, my bee buddy, all my fellow beekeeping bloggers that have supported me over the summer, but most of all my bees…

North London Beekeeping

I accidently broke that award shortly after! Pesky newcomers.

Alright, alright, ok, I didn’t actually win or have any honey to enter yet but I didn’t know there were trophies and cups to be won! Next year… those guys have seriously got it coming!

I arrived at the Danish WYMCA in time to catch the end of a discussion on bee diseases and for the awards presentation. I wouldn’t have chosen to be anywhere else. Gorgeous silver haired gentlemen (foxes I think they’re called!), good humour and all round great company in a lovely setting – what a building!

The award of trophies were: Svela Challenge Bowl for best honey in show, Marsh Cup for beeswax and the Riley Cup for frame of honey for extraction.

There were also candles, honey cakes, wax blocks and photography on show. My wax medallion wouldn’t even have got a look in. And this wasn’t even the Nationals yet (Oct).

Once the worthy champions got their awards, we all sat down for the annual Pot Luck Supper. Everyone bought a dish and it was a delicious feast. Miles tastier than a lot of the London restaurants I’ve been to recently. The desserts were something else and included a giant fruit pavlova, stem ginger cake, salted toffee caramel – all predominantly homemade… well I can’t have been the only one that nipped to Marks & Spencer’s?!

It was my first year at the Pot Luck Supper and awards evening and although I was surrounded by beekeepers with years and years of experience, they couldn’t have made me feel more welcome. I could have compared notes on wax extraction and listened to advice on what to do with agro bees all night… and I did.

I loved it.

This evening I’ve excused myself from a late Saturday night out for a friend’s birthday, leaving early because of some important business tomorrow. Tomorrow’s business being that I’m back at the apiary hoping to be allowed to take home some of the honey we extracted two weeks ago… so empty jars needed to be prepped! Yes that’s plural jars… I have that many empty and am hoping to take home more than one jar. Heaven.

North London Beekeepers Honey Show

Malcom our Chairman was the MC for the evening.

North London Beekeepers Wax winner

Next year… that wax prize will be mine wahahahahahaha (evil laughter)

Prize winning capped honey frame

Prize winning capped honey frame

Big blue fish

The fish rather distracted from the photography comp

North London Beekeepers honey winner

John.. I want to taste that honey…



  1. Well done! at least for being inspired to enter next year, that is!

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