Alternative London Guide

Visitors announced to arrive at The Borrower’s Mansion in December have sparked a flurry of brain activity to put together an itinerary balancing the needs of an enthusiastic tourist with a homesick ex pat who is yearning to get her finger back on the capital’s pulse.

It helps that I know and love the couple very well, and that we have an understanding that whilst there are a few things that can be left to spontaneous chances – being arrested by an English Bobby, stumbling across treasures at a vintage market…etc – not all the best things in London are free, and neither are they easy to get into at the last minute. Flashing at door staff won’t always work (shockingly).

Preparatory work is needed!

With almost two months notice, there’s no excuse for wouldacouldashouldas. We will not be watching from the sidelines.

The shortlist is already looking rather exciting if a little offbeat for the average tourist in town:

A pantomime with Ian Mckellan as Widow Twanky; a decadently decorated booth for the best rhubarb G&T in town; ice-skating at the Natural History Museum; behind the scenes tour of the British Museum; a peanut party; a mouse anthropomorphic taxidermy class; or an interactive theatre performance in an old film studio next to Paddington station…*

Failing that… well there is always the pub.

I love London!

*(Tours to Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace also available!)



What to wear at a Peanut party perhaps?

Mr Peanut

Mr Peanut – the ultimate guest at a peanut party



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