One Moustache at a time.

Changing the world one moustache at a time… the founders of Movember are legends and I got to hear two of them – Adam Garone and JC speak at an event at London Business School. I’m still slightly embarrassed that I didn’t wear the moustache in my bag (always carry a spare tasche), and grab a photo with these chaps. The fact is I haven’t been this intimidated or crazed since meeting John Waters (‘Cry Baby is my all time favourite film!’ I bellowed amongst the drag queens and too cool for school hipsters). I couldn’t think of anything intellectual to say to the Movember boys other than I loved them – which I think is fine – I just couldn’t get through the (other) geeks who were tapping them for business advice.

What these crazy Aussie guys have achieved after one drunken sunday night has changed the face of charity fundraising and raised awareness of men’s health in a way never seen before.

In addition to my attraction to porno tasches, I’m also drawn to the story of the underdog and how naivety, perserverance and passion helped them push for change in a traditionally stuffy industry and challenging the way prostate cancer researchers work across the globe.

Yes Mo Bros and Mo Sisters, time to get ready for the month formerly known as November.

As I didn’t get a picture with the Mo Bros, here’s me as a Mo Sister and stalker.

Movember Mo Sister

Any excuse


Supporting Mo Bro, Prince Harry

John Waters Last Tuesday Society book launch

Stalking John Waters… he draws his moustache on every morning with a black eyeliner




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