Well the title of this daily post challenge sure caught my attention. One of my favourite words from one of my favourite movies. I’ve always wanted my clothes to fold themselves and pop neatly into the drawer with just a blink and nod of the head. Or even better, have Mary Poppins come and do the nodding.

One of the most incredible moments so far this year was finally getting keys to my new flat. After lying on the carpet and catching my breath, I took off my bra (not sure why – think it symbolised being free?!), donned an apron and started to clean a cupboard so it could house a bottle of gin (and other kitchen essentials).

When I wanted to let people know that I had moved and that they were always welcome for tea, I thought about screenprinting my own invitations by hand.  But shortly after, I met Doug at and we discovered we had a mutual appreciation for levitation photography. He bought around his magic camera one evening, huddled into a corner of my tiny apartment and shot this photo of me vacuuming.

I think it’s supercalifragilisticexpialadocious! – Do you?

levitation photography


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