Melon Warmers

TV ads, reinforced by a follow up email newsletter that I’ve signed up for and now here I am sharing it on my blog. Marketing at work…

I haven’t picked up my knitting needles since I wrote the blog about being put to shame by a real craft! But here I am knitting during Eastenders and The Kardashians. Well it’s for a good cause.

Innocent smoothies Big Knit donates 25p each time you buy one of their smoothies in November to Age UK, who will be working over winter to keep grannies and grandads warm over the winter. So many just can’t afford to turn on their heating.

We can’t have that can we ?

They need volunteers to hit their target of 1million hats.

Edwina here was featured in the Innocent newsletter after her knitting group notched up an impressive 2265 hats!

Well here’s another 5… Look out for mine in the shops!

The Innocent Big Knit

The Innocent Big Knit

Templates and tutorials can be found at The Big Knit website.



  1. loobyloucreations

    Looking good! Are you planning on continuing to make them for next year too?

    • These are for this year – the deadline has been extended. Well I think it has… otherwise, erm yeah, they’re for next year! x

      • loobyloucreations

        Yes you have until the 31st to get them in 🙂 Also I just had an email from Innocent confirming they are doing the big knit next year too, so happy knitting

      • Thanks! Still only on 5… I need to watch more trashy TV so I can knit more – any excuse! It’s for charity!!!

      • loobyloucreations

        😮 I can not watch tv while knitting I end up adding or dropping stitches or reknitting the same stitch. My husband ask me why I look so angry when I am knitting – I am just concentrating lol

  2. Well done – 5 is 5 more! I only managed 17 this year having started late… but number 18, who missed the deadline can be stored for next year. Should be able to manage more!!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

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