Suffering, Patience and Field Mice

It was a dreary week but there’s nothing like a trip to the Natural History Museum to put a smile on my face.

It’s one of the most beautiful buildings ever. Any building with a Pterodactyl gargoyle welcoming you in, is fine by me!

Running late (bad trait), I ran through the side entrance where people were being suctioned up into a large flaming planet of some sort. I loved it!

Natural History Museum

Looks fantastic doesn’t it?!

I wanted to go up and in too, but was there to meet some darling friends for the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

As always, stunning photography – this is a competition after all.  I loved each story behind every shot. Some of them needed no explanation – like the polar bear seen resting under water between a gap in the ice. Oh loved that one. Got me lusting after a trip to Antartica again…

I took great delight reading the tales of suffering and patience too– living in dug outs for days; holding breath under water for just a little bit too long; piecing together 127 photos to show you something that the naked eye is unable to see in its entirety.

Some lucky people get to travel to far off exotic lands and are generous (show offs) in sharing what they have captured. Lovely. Although one of my favourite ones, like the gorgeous field mouse cultivating his corn was taken on a stroll in the back garden. Even lovelier.

As the photographers own the copyright to their own images, you’ll have to browse the photographs yourself at the Natural History Museum website or go visit. x



  1. What a great post, thanks for sharing.

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